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Audience reviews

Reviews by the audience who had the chance to watch the full documentary…

It is an original documentary, filmed to familiarize the audience with one of the oldest Symphony Orchestras in the region. The film clearly delivers the history of the Symphony Orchestra's origin and assembly through the testimonials of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra's (INSO) founders. I was provided with deep insights of the experiences and hardships experienced by Orchestra's members. I expected to be taken through a brief journey in Iraq's history and I wasn't disappointed at all. The evolution of the Symphony Orchestra was smoothly narrated from the different founders' points of view. The most intriguing part of the documentary was when of the concerts was performed with no electricity; only by candle lights. The image of the stage lit by candlelight surrounding the players was spectacular. In my personal opinion, it is a must see film for anyone who is interested to know about an Orchestra that was formed and originated in the Land of Babylon- founders of music notes and instruments.


This is one of the things Iraq is missing right now, someone who is not only focusing on war and rage, but music. This was not only interesting to watch, but also educational, I watched this on Vimeo as I couldn't find it on any other platforms. The film also gives few highlights the main challenges and changes over the years and this is actually what I liked the most about it specially when it uncover the social changes of the Iraqi society during the past century and how those changes reflected against the Symphony Orchestra which I wasn't aware of such information before from any other documentaries. It is very educational and highly recommended to watch.


I think the film covers very important periods in Iraqi history through the story of the National Orchestra, particularly after the 2003 war. It manages to educate the viewer, and still provide him/her with the enjoyment every viewer is seeking. The film also gives the viewer access to the lives and personal experiences of those involved with the orchestra throughout its history, sharing the pain and also the humor. I saw the film with a group of friends, and we were all able (as Iraqis living in Baghdad) to relate to story told through the film, and I believe non-Iraqi viewers would get the chance to remotely experience the events that this critical part of the world has undergone. Well done.

Ahmed Safaa

Watch the full documentary now and be one of the first people who gain historical featured information that is not found else where..